Nurburgring Race Report

Nurburgring Race Report.docx

The Nürburgring circuit is world famous for it’s complex track, evening entertainment and the huge crowds of truck lovers, this weekend did not disappoint. Thousands queued to have t-shirts, hats, books and calendars signed at the two Driver autograph sessions. The rainy weather proved
difficult for the teams racing but it did not deter the fans.

NWT Driver John Newell said “ this was definitely the most difficult racing weekend, we were not able to race to our full potential due to mechanical issues. Thankfully we know how to solve these but could not do so at the track”.

On Friday the team qualified 15th, John said the truck suspension did not feel at it’s best. Unfortunately within 3 laps of the first race this continued and the front spring broke, John was able to control the truck and get it back into the pit. This resulted in a Did not Finish and so no points were rewarded.

Saturday’s Race 2 was much better, starting in P15 is always a challenge but the team pushed through to finish in 12th place. This was followed by more autograph signing, photographs and interviews. Saturday afternoon saw the second qualifying and Race 3. Once again John drove hard in the poor conditions and moved from 15th to 13th place, the team worked on the truck in between races to solve the issues found in the back end of the truck.

NWT Motorsport have excellent relationships with the other teams and drivers, the team’s mechanics and engineers were supported by Sascha Lenz and his team to problem solve and improve the handling in corners just in time for the last race which saw a 11th place finish and the best of the weekend. The team stayed a further day to continue the work needed on the truck, supported by SL Trucksport. These relationships have been so valuable and appreciated in this first year in the championship.