Race Report – September 2023 – Le Mans

“The battle of the Brits for third place continues as John Newell and Mark Taylor have been
trading performance throughout the season. Just eight points split the two with four races left in
the season. After both took a podium in Le Mans, they will be looking to add more silverware to
their 2023 campaigns and take the bottom step of the podium. Regardless of who takes third, it’s
been an impressive rookie season for both of them.” FIA

What a dramatic weekend for the team, Le Mans produced the best battles of the championship
with John right at the centre, the cameras were glued to the impressive truck as John battled for a
podium racing with the second puncture of the day.

The weekend was blessed with great weather, crowds of over 120,000 fans and 14 eager
competitors. As expected Norbert Kiss was crowned champion for the 5th year in a row, he entertained the spectators with some drifting as he crossed the line in Race 3.
Le Mans was the first track the team raced last year as a test for this season, the first qualifying session
saw them shave 1.5 seconds off last years lap times to qualify 11th of 14. The first race was the start of
the drama when John took a big hit from Stefan Fass knocking him back into 13th place.
Starting 13th in race 2 meant NWT had a lot of work to do, the battling was fantastic to watch, John
overtook our British friend Mark Taylor to move into 12th and later pushed hard to overtake
Clemens Hecker finishing in 11th place. John placed 10th in Sundays qualifying, the first
Superpole for the team, unfortunately a circuit error meant that marshalls directed John off the track
replacing him with José Eduardo Rodrigues by mistake. Very disappointing for the team however
John started Race 3 in 10th place and fought his way through a lengthy battle. Stefan Fass and José.

Eduardo Rodrigues caused significant damage and a puncture to the rear left early in the race.
The live video link kept John and the truck front and centre for the majority of the race, this was
coupled with favourable coverage and discussion from Chaz Draycott the British commentator.
The battle ended when Clemence Hecker cutting across the shicane and back onto the track
pushing John down into 11th, thankfully officials rectified this moving John back into 10th place
and 3rd place in the Promoters Cup.
The final race was just as dramatic and unfortunately José Eduardo Rodrigues caused more
damage and another puncture, this time to the rear right tyre, the battle continued, again lot’s of
coverage and commentary as John crossed the line in 11th place and 4th place in the Promoters
Cup. Overall a difficult weekend with a lot of contact and damage however this drama made John
driver harder than ever, beat previous times and take the first superpole of the season.

The final race weekend in the European Championship is scheduled for the 31st September and
1st of October in Jarama, Spain. The team also expect to race at the British finale at Brands Hatch
on the 4th and 5th November. John and the team are grateful for all of your support, sponsorship
and messages, it is greatly appreciated.